Best Things to do in Saint Lucia – A Tropical Paradise

As I peer out the airplane window the twin peeks of St. Lucia come into view. Two statuesque volcanic Pitons known as Gros Piton and Petit Piton are the crown jewels of the island creating one of the most beautiful scenes in the Caribbean. They are just one of many things to do in St. Lucia and we cannot wait to touch down and explore this captivating island of the West Indies.

We are heading to St. Lucia for a romantic socially distanced getaway. Staying at two incredible resorts – Calabash Cove in North St. Lucia and Stonefield Villas in the South. We have the opportunity to see the different sides of St. Lucia. One is filled with lush jungle and mountainous terrain while the other is the busier resort area with long sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. These are the best things to do in St. Lucia.

Things to do in St. Lucia

Note: Things are constantly changing during these uncertain times. St. Lucia is welcoming visitors, but there are protocols to follow. Visit the Saint Lucica website for measures they are taking to keep both tourists and locals safe before you visit.

South St. Lucia

Things to do in St Lucia South

We began our trip on the south side of St. Lucia. For couples seeking a secluded luxury escape, this is the place to make a base. South St. Lucia is also the place for nature lovers and adventures with the pitons standing proud above the jungle and clear blue waters. Here are the top things to do on St. Lucia’s south side.

Stay in a Private Villa

best things to do in saint lucia - villa tour video

St. Lucia was made for honeymoons. And staying in a private villa with your own plunge pool and views of the Gros or Petit Piton is an activity unto itself. We couldn’t get enough of basking in the sun of our completely private retreat as we ordered room service and champagne while enjoying the beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea. Stonefield Villa Resorts was one of the first hotels to open in Soufriere and is locally owned and operated. I don’t think there is a resort on the island with a better view!

Hike Gros Piton

Hiking Gros Piton in St. Lucia

If you are feeling like pulling yourself away from your luxury resort, a hike up the Gros Piton Trail will certainly get your heart pounding. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the iconic symbol of St. Lucia island. Guides are required to hike Gros Piton and you will make your way to the village of Fond Gens Libre to begin the 4.7 km journey. The climb is steep and is a challenge to step over boulders and routes, but it is worth it for the views from the 798.25 m (2,618.9 ft) high summit.

This St. Lucia Pitons Tour is a complete St. Lucia attractions tour taking you from Morne viewpoint and Marigot Bay to Anse La Raye Village, Canaries fishing village, Viewpoint overlooking Marigot Bay and the viewpoint is overlooking the town of Soufriere and the Majestic Pitons. You’ll also stop at the drive-in volcano and Botanical Gardens.

Tet Paul Nature Trail

If you don’t want to take on the grueling hike, head out to the Tet Paul Nature Trail instead. It is a short 1km hike from Soufriere that showcases a view of the Petit Piton. If you do the Nature Trail on your own, a guide is mandatory and it is $10 per person to hire one. This best of St. Lucia Tour takes you to the Tet Paul Nature Trail for views of the famous Pitons. drive-in volcano, Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens, and small fishing villages.

Mount Soufriere – Sulphur Springs Park

Sulpher Springs Park Volcano

Did you know that St. Lucia has the only drive-in volcano in the world? A visit to Mount Soufriere Sulphur Springs Park is one of the top things to do in St. Lucia and with good reason. The active volcano is fascinating as you can drive right into the crater to see up close and personal views of gas emitting from the center of the earth.

Mud Baths

Enjoying the Mud Baths in St. Lucia

Take a tour to see the volcano’s caldera and then finish with a mud bath in the sulfur springs pools known for their healing qualities. Be sure to cake the volcanic mud all over your body to heal and soothe your travel-weary muscles. You can then wash it off in the hot pools of varying temperatures.

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens St. Lucia

One of the most beautiful attractions in St. Lucia is the Botanical Gardens. Take a guided tour of this picturesque estate containing tropical plants and gardens. The guide navigates through the walk teaching of the islands healing plants and native flora. The Botanical Gardens are part of the Soufriere Estate, one of the oldest and best-preserved estates on St. Lucia.

Diamond Falls

Diamond Falls St. Lucia

A highlight of the gardens is a view of Diamond Falls. The gorgeous cascade of Diamond Falls. The 15-meter high waterfall is laced with minerals creating a rainbow of colours. It creates a picture-perfect scene. In fact, Diamond Falls is so picturesque it was used for a scene in the popular travel movie, Romancing the Stone.

Ans Chastanet Beach

We had our own shuttle to the beach when staying at Stonefield Villas, but the great thing about all the beaches in St. Lucia is that they are accessible to the public so anyone can visit any beach. Ans Chastanet Beach is part of the Ans Chastanet Beach Resort. The Anse Chastanet beach and the Anse Mamin beach are considered two of the best beaches in St. Lucia.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

There is also snorkeling and scuba diving right off of Anse Chastanet beach with a coral reef and sea walls making its crystal clear waters the premier place for water activities in St. Lucia.

Book this ATV Tour – Follow your guide through natural trails and plantations as you make your way to Grande Anse Beach. It’s a great way to see the farming communities and historical sites of St. Lucia.

Rum Tour

Rum Tour in St. Lucia

The Caribbean Islands are filled with rum distilleries and St. Lucia is no different. Book a rum tour for a behind-the-scenes tour and tasting. Learn how rum is made from sugar cane and then enjoy a taste of local rum.

Have a short amount of time? Book this full-day tour to the island’s top attractions. Including St. Lucia’s drive-in Volcano and mud baths, a visit to Toraille Waterall, the Pitons, and a stop at a bat cave. This tour is both by land and water and includes snorkeling.

North St. Lucia

St. Lucia North Side

The north side of St. Lucia is where you will find the capital city of Castries. For those looking for bars and nightlife, restaurants, and a huge choice of all-inclusive resorts and hotels in St. Lucia this is the place to be. So what is there to do in St. Lucia’s north? Let’s find out.

Stay in a Private Villa

I know I sound like a broken record, but it is the accommodations of St. Lucia that make this island so special. Calabash Cove is not only a luxury boutique hotel that has private plunge pools and two room cabana suites, it is also a beach destination allowing you to never leave the resort. We loved lazing on our hammock watching the sunset over Rodney Bay. With a full bar in our room, we sipped wine from our balcony in complete seclusion.


St. Lucia Water sports kayaking

Being located directly on Rodney Bay, Calabash Cove had a beautiful sandy beach and pier with Stand up paddleboards and sea kayaks on hand where we could get out and explore Rodney Bay and the St. Lucia coast.

Pigeon Island National Park

Hiking in Pigeon Island National Park St. Lucia

We loved exploring Pigeon Island National Park. This former pirate hideout and a military fort that was turned into a national landmark in 1972. It’s a great way to spend a half-day exploring its old ruins. The island is surrounded by sandy beaches and there is snorkeling and even restaurants and shops just outside its entrance. Make sure to hike up to the lookout points for views of Rodney Bay. And pack your bathing suit because there is a great beach here too.

Rodney Bay

Sunset at Rodney Bay St. Lucia

The Rodney Bay waters are calm and inviting for watersports and there are plenty of places to go snorkeling right off the shore. The horseshoe bay is located on the northwest tip of the island and it is the busiest spot in St. Lucia.

No trip to the Caribbean would be complete without getting on the water. This sunset tour from Rodney Bay is a four-hour cruise up the West Coast of St. Lucia including unlimited drinks, complimentary snacks, and dancing as you enjoy the sunset along the incredible St. Lucia coast.

Reduit Beach

Reduit Beach is one of the places in St. Lucia for watersports and it is considered St. Lucia’s best beach. Why? Because of its five miles of white sand stretching along Rodney Bay. When walking, snorkeling, or sailing along this sandy beach, you’ll find most of the all-inclusive hotels in this part of St. Lucia.

Rodney Bay Village

Rodney Bay Village St. Lucia

Being the main city and tourist area, Rodney Bay Village is the hot spot for nightlife, shopping, restaurants, a Casino. Make sure to check out the Gros Island Beach Party in Rodney Bay Village. It is a weekly street party that takes place on Fridays. If you are looking for beach activities and nightlife. There are plenty of places to go bar hopping along the beach of Rodney Bay and lots of restaurants to choose from.

Castries Market

For a little time away from the beachhead to Castries Market. It is an outdoor market filled with vendors dating back to 1891. Get a bit of local hospitality as you rub elbows with the island’s locals shopping for fruit and vegetables as you search for the perfect local craft or souvenir.

Marigot Bay

Marigot Bay St. Lucia

Marigot Bay is located just south of the capital city of Castries and is an idyllic destination of white sand beaches and swaying palm trees. A great way to explore it is to rent kayaks.

Book this snorkeling tour in advance from Marigot Bay to see shipwrecks and marine life living within St. Lucia’s coral reef.

Rainforest Adventures – Arial Tram

One of the more unique things to do in St. Lucia is to hop aboard the Rainforest Arial Tram. Located at Castries Waterworks Forest Reserve, the Arial Tram takes you up a mountain in an open-air gondola for panoramic views of the North of the island as you search for wildlife. Book your tour in advance here.

So there you have it, the best things to do in St. Lucia. When you are going to book your getaway to the Caribbean’s most romantic island?

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